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Life at IPO

The IPO brings together two or more different fields of study and offers a brand-new type of educational experience characterized by SMALL MULTICULTURAL intake, HIGH-POWERED curricula across different schools and wide-ranging personal and PROFESSIONAL enrichment activities.  IPO programs focus not only on ACADEMIC skills, but CHARACTER-BUILDING to foster top achievers to become RESPONSIBLE, contributive and caring citizens.

Keith CHAN (Class of 2013, EVMT)
Hong Kong Representative of 2011 International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability
Artist of Project Kaisei – The Plastic Vortex
Matthew LUK (Class of 2011, T&M)
Overseas studies in Harvard University (US) & Tsinghua Univerisity (China)
MIT Global Start-up Workshop (Iceland)
UIUC-HKUST Technology & Management Business Plan Competition (London)
Constance YEUNG (Class of 2012, RMBI)
Summer Internship in Deutsche Bank
English Exchange Program (Malta)

Swan LU (Class of 2011, T&M)
Summer Analyst in UBS (Switzerland)
Graduate position: Operation Execution Project Manager, Zurich Financial Services (Switzerland)
Jessica HA (Class of 2013, EVMT)
Semi-finalist of Hong Kong Social Enterprise ompetition
Intern of Green Collar Social Enterprise
Ken CHENG (Class of 2010, T&M)
Internship in Boeing Inc (US)
Graduate position: Engineer Trainee, Cathay Pacific Airway
Edgar NG, Roger WONG, Eddy CHOI, David WONG & Connie LEUNG (Class of 2012, RMBI)
Built an equity risk management tool to educate investors on risk assessment using news, financial indicators and annual reports