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Interdisciplinary Programs Office
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Director Prof King L Chow

Division of Environment
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Head Prof Jimmy Fung
UG Coordinator Prof Arthur Lau
PG Coordinator (RPg) Prof Jianzhen Yu
PG Coordinator (TPg) Prof Arthur Lau

Division of Biomedical Engineering
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Head Prof I-Ming Hsing

Undergraduate Programs
Dual Degree Program in Technology and Management (BEng & BBA)
Co-director Prof Chi Ming Chan
Co-director Prof James Thong
Associate Director / Adjunct Associate Professor Prof Betty Lin
Adjunct Associate Professor Prof Sabrina Lin
Visiting Assistant Professor Prof Kwok L Shum
Affiliated Faculty Prof Albert Ha
Affiliated Faculty Prof Kai Lung Hui
Affiliated Faculty Prof Hong Kam Lo
Affiliated Faculty Prof Fugee Tsung
Affiliated Faculty Prof Rachel Zhang

BSc in Risk Management and Business Intelligence Program
Director Prof Lei Chen
Co-director Prof Xian Hua Peng
Co-director Prof Xuhu Wan
Affiliated Faculty Prof Yue Kuen Kwok
Affiliated Faculty Prof Shu Ming Ng
Senior Lecturer (UG Coordinator) Dr Adela Lau

BSc in Environmental Management and Technology Program
Co-director Prof Alexis Lau
Co-director Prof Arthur Lau

Postgraduate Programs
MPhil/PhD in Environmental Science, Policy and Management
Graduate Diploma / MSc in Environmental Science and Management
PG Coordinator (RPg) Prof Jianzhen Yu
PG Coordinator (TPg) Prof Arthur Lau

MPhil/PhD in Bioengineering*

*The MPhil/PhD program in Bioengineering is hosted by the Division of Biomedical Engineering and offered under the School of Engineering. Please visit the program website ( for details.