What's Happening in IPO

4 Aug 2017

“Innovating Today, Imaging Tomorrow” Mentorship Program 2016/17

In line with its commitment to serving the local community, the Interdisciplinary Programs Office joined hands with The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) to launch again the 25th Anniversary event “Innovating Today, Imagining Tomorrow” Mentorship Program in 2016/17.  Through interdisciplinary activities and mentoring sessions with faculty, the program aims to broaden local high school students' horizons, and inspire them to unleash their potential and pursue personal goals. 

This year, the program has grown even bigger, with 55 local high school students from more than 40 secondary schools, 23 HKUST faculty from various disciplines, and 18 HKUST student ambassadors recruited university-wide to strengthen the engagement of high school students, give them a taste of university life and act as a peer mentor to them.  It is really a delight to receive tremendous responses from HKUST students expressing interests in serving the community.

The kick-off ceremony was held successfully on 18 February 2017, which provided an opportunity for the mentors and mentees to get to know each other.  Throughout the program, mentees had 4 campus visits led by different faculty members and numerous individual exchange and meetings with their mentors.  The final Sharing Session was held on 15 July 2017; with the support and guidance from the HKUST student ambassadors, mentees were managed to pull off the video task assigned on their own.  Each group of mentees presented a two-minute video on HKUST’s environment, mentorship, friendship and learning experience.  Not only the faculty and student ambassadors enjoyed the presentations and sharing of mentees, mentees also had lots of fun in doing the sharing.  The learning, bonding and laughter all wrapped up in good memories of mentors, mentees and student ambassadors.

  • Mentors, mentees and student ambassadors had a group photo at the Kick-off ceremony.

  • One of the mentors, Prof Roger Cheng, Associate Provost (Teaching & Learning), welcoming the faculty, mentees and student ambassadors.

  • Faculty and student ambassadors having fun in ice-breaking games!

  • The group had a happy time in the group discussion!

  • Prof Kai Lung Hui (3rd right) took his mentees to visit the School of Business and Management during campus visit.

  • Prof Stanley Lau (middle) showing the sea creatures to mentees at the marine laboratory.

  • Mentees had a good laugh while showing their video and sharing their experience!

  • Mentees prepared a Thank-you card to their dearest mentors and presented it to Prof King L. Chow (2nd right), Prof Jimmy Fung (3rd left), Prof Tim Leung (2nd right), Prof Frederick Fong (left) and Prof Tom Cheung (right).

  • Prof King L. Chow, Director of the Interdisciplinary Programs Office, encouraging the mentees and HKUST student ambassadors to keep pursuing their dreams.

  • A great moment for the mentors, mentees and student ambassadors at the Sharing Session.

  • Prof Frederick Fong (right) and his mentees.