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7 Sep 2017

RMBI Students Won the “Best Business Idea Award" in EY Hackathon Hong Kong 2017

Congratulations to Risk Management and Business Intelligence (RMBI) students who received the “Best Business Idea Award" in EY Hackathon Hong Kong 2017!

The team demonstrated their data analytics capability, innovation and presenting their findings on a flight delay prediction project in the competition. They came up with the recommendation that had the highest commercial value in the competition.

Team name: Trojan Horse

Team members: 
PANG Ming Lun, Timothy (Year 4, Class of 2018)
TSUI Chi Hang, Tom  (Year 4, Class of 2018)
MALIK Ujjwal (Year 4, Class of 2018)
NG Ka Chun (Year 4, Class of 2018)

The competition aimed at ideating and formulating secure digital innovation and business concepts by conducting analytics on real life data. The real data was supported by Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Broadband Network and The Gulu. 12 elite teams of diverse nationalities and curriculum from six local institutions joined the competition on 5-6 August 2017. 

Please browse below webpage for more information of EY Hackathon Hong Kong 2017: