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7 Sep 2017

RMBI Students Won the Champion in the HSBC Financial Dialogue Series- FinTech Challenge 2017

Risk Management and Business Intelligence (RMBI) students Charles WONG and Florence SZETO together with their teammates from The University of Hong Kong won the Champion of the HSBC Financial Dialogue Series - FinTech Challenge 2017 in early August 2017.  

The HSBC Financial Dialogue Series is a continuous programme which aims to engage over 200 local university students and HSBC Scholars in the discipline of finance, business and economics each year. Through interactive dialogue sessions with prestigious leaders and financial experts, as well as the exclusive accelerated learning programme afterwards, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize and acquire the relevant knowledge on global financial trends and issues;

  • Apply critical thinking skills, business ethics and social responsibilities to address such financial issues; and

  • Acquire effective communication skills through making presentations and networking with professionals.

“Our FinTech solution for HSBC focuses on the Retail Banking and Wealth Management and provides an analysis and evaluation of current problems faced by the customer-centric business in customer feedback collection and customer satisfaction level calculations. The current adoption of questionnaires can yet to yield a meaningful result that provides personalized unique customer experience. The report therefore recommends a product that involves Facial Recognition and Emotion Analytics technology to resolve the issue, embracing technological uncertainties and converting them into opportunities.” Said Charles.

Congratulations to Charles, Florence and their team!