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7 Mar 2018

EVMT Student was Crowned the Hong Kong District’s National Winner of the James Dyson Award 2017

Lilian TSANG, Year 4 student of Environmental Management & Technology Program, was crowned the Hong Kong District’s national winner of the James Dyson Award 2017.

The James Dyson Award is an international design award that celebrates, encourages and inspires the next generation of design engineers. The Award is open to current and recent design engineering students.

Lilian and her teammates developed the winning project “WOLO”, a product with temperature rings for parents, a health detecting band for children and a mobile app to monitors children’s real-time body temperatures. The product will send body temperature and heart rate readings to parents’ mobile app via Bluetooth. The app can show three medical steps to guide parents to deal with fever and search for the nearest hospital.  It can also record the fever syndromes and the children’s behavior in a database and perform big data analysis to predict when the children will get a fever again. The project was initiated at the IELM4320 Design Thinking course at HKUST last summer which challenged the students to improve the problems caused by children’s fever and ease parents’ worries.

The most special feature of the product is the temperature rings for parents. They will receive children’s temperature data from the app via Bluetooth and parents will feel their child’s body temperature remotely and instantly through wearing them. If a child has a high fever, the ring will heat up and inform the wearer to pay attention to their child’s health status. The idea of temperature rings was developed at the very final stage when Professor Song from China Academy of Art commented that their product was too physical and practical without emotional connection that is important between parents and children. Lilian and her teammates reevaluated the product and finally came up the idea of temperature rings which satisfied user’s physical and emotional needs simultaneously.

Lilian would like to send her heartfelt thanks to all professors and teaching assistants from HKUST and China Academy of Art who provided guidance and technical support to them especially Prof. Ravindra S GOONETILLEKE  from School of Engineering of HKUST.  Without their enormous help, the idea of WOLO would not have been developed and executed successfully.

The team only had four weeks to develop the project from brainstorming to final prototype, so the product has not yet been completed. With more time and if budget is available, they will continue to develop WOLO by enhancing its accuracy, usability and other features.

Lilian did learn a lot from this project. She shared that “When developing a product/project, you have to put yourself in others’ shoes, so that you can experience users’ feelings and understand their perspectives. Without this ‘empathy stage’, it would be very difficult to develop a good product.”

  • Lilian TSANG (2nd left), Year 4 student of Environmental Management & Technology Program was crowned the Hong Kong District’s National Winner of the James Dyson Award 2017 with a product to monitors children’s real-time body temperatures