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6 Sep 2018

“Improving Patient Journey” – Corporate Project Sponsored by Union Medical Healthcare

TEMG4950 Corporate Project is supported by company sponsors to provide students with hands-on experience in solving complex real business problems and polish their advanced skills in design thinking and executive communication.

In 2018 spring term’s Corporate Project, students were challenged to improve patient journey at General Practice (GP) clinics for Union Medical Healthcare Ltd. (UMH), a fast-growing medical organization offering various medical services which planned to introduce new concepts in primary care services by launching dozens of GP clinics throughout Hong Kong in the coming years. Students were required to define “GP 2.0 Design Concepts” focusing on clinic facility and functions that can bring patience experience to the next level.

The final presentation was held on 10 May 2018 for students to present their proposals to the judges from UMH group. The winning team Zack HAN, Angela ISKANDAR and Angelica KOSASIH proposed to improve the patient journey in the following ways

  1. Nurse Arro

Students designed an app called Nurse Arro, a Mobile Concierge, to guide the patients through the whole journey at the clinic. Nurse Arro would help patients fill in health form while waiting for doctor’s consultation to give basic information on their health and sickness conditions.It could let the doctors know what to expect and increase diagnostic accuracy.

  1. Health Records

Nurse Arro would save up doctors’ notes after consultation and provide additional information like linking up with HeathVault, a health management platform by Microsoft, for patients’ reference.

  1. Private Patient Waiting Room

Students suggested re-designing the clinic so that each (group of) patient(s) can wait in a private waiting room to secure seating away from other patients.Doctor will enter the private waiting room to give face-to-face examination and consultation to keep privacy.

Judges from the UMH Group were impressed by the creativity and feasibility of students’ work and would consider adapting some of the ideas when operating their GP clinics in future.

  • Students presented their proposals to the judges

  • Students presented their proposals to the judges

  • Students presented their proposals to the judges

  • Students presented their proposals to the judges

  • Dr. Raymond WU, Medical Director of UMH Group, gave comments to the students

  • The winning team took photo with the judges

  • All awardees took photos with the judges