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24 Oct 2018

T&M-DDP Students made it to the Top 10 in International Case Competition “Go Green in the City”


Enzo YIU and Karen LAM, Year 3 students of The Dual Degree Program in Technology and Management participated in Schneider Electric’s international business case competition “Go Green in the City”. Team of the two made it to the Top 10 in Greater China Region and presented their idea in the Regional Final at Beijing.

“Go Green in the City” is an international business case challenge organized by Schneider Electric. It aims at supporting the emergence of innovative solutions to meet future challenges in intelligent energy. Students from different institutes all over the globe are required to submit ideas for a solution to any of the world’s energy problems, or one of the Schneider Electric’s four business case challenges.

This year, Enzo and Karen formed the group Raging Dreamers introducing a smart home gadget, Eco-Smart Wiser, that can save energy more efficiently while providing customers with personalized and green user’s experience. They hope to include elements like machine learning and smart sensor so that it can detect the user’s living pattern and thus to provide a more tailor-made service for customers.

During the semi-final stage, the organizer paired them up with two mentors from technical and business fields respectively. Enzo and Karen shared that “The mentoring really benefits us a lot. We learn how to present the idea professionally and shape our idea into better solution from our mentors.” The final presentation greatly broadened their horizons. “We also learnt a lot from other teams. We found that other teams from Mainland China had a thorough understanding of electrical engineering, which allowed them to have their solution explained parts by parts. This gave the audience a clear picture of how their product was constructed. Although the nature and technologies we used in our solution are very different comparing with theirs, we think we can work better on the technical part for presentation in future.”

“This is actually the first time we join a case competition together. We are blessed that we worked really well together. With such a good working vibe, we see each other as a good partner and contribute our most effort to complete the task. It finally leads to a satisfactory result. Creating the Tik Tok group introductory video was definitely another unforgettable moment! What an experience!” Enzo and Karen are very excited to share the experience and they would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who had supported their project, including who voted for them and completed their survey.

  • All finalists and judges in “Go Green in the City” Greater China Region

  • Finalists were invited to visit the main building of Schneider Electric China

  • Finalists presented their innovative solutions to judges and guests

  • Enzo YIU and Karen LAM introduced the smart home gadget, Eco-Smart Wiser

  • Mr. Peng DONG (right), Senior Manager of Green Building Energy Service provided technical advices to Enzo YIU and Karen LAM

  • Enzo YIU and Karen LAM took photo with their technical advisor, Mr. Peng DONG after the presentation