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5 Nov 2018

RMBI Mentoring Dinner 2018


Risk Management and Business Intelligence Program (RMBI) organizes Mentoring Dinner annually to gather mentors and students to meet for the very first time and get to know more about each other.

Around 65 mentors and students attended the Mentoring Dinner held on 11 October 2018. Prof. Raymond WONG, Program Director of RMBI welcomed all guests and expressed his sincere gratitude to industrial practitioners for their support in the mentorship program, especially to those who had participated for many years. Prof. King L CHOW, Director of IPO, encouraged students to cherish the valuable friendships with the mentors.  The mentorship program does not only aim at seeking  job opportunities, but also providing a platform for students to gain and learn more from mentors’ personal and industrial  experiences. Dr. Jean WANG, UG Coordinator of RMBI, Prof. Shu Ming Ng, Founding Members and Affiliated Faculties of RMBI and Prof. Dik Lun LEE, Affiliated Faculties of RMBI also attended the dinner to mingle with mentors and students.

During the dinner, students connected with mentors who shared common career interest and gained valuable tips and advices from them.   

RMBI Mentorship Program targets to help students to bridge their gap between the academic learning experience and business practice, as well as enrich the students' business understanding. Mentors are risk management and business intelligence practitioners from well-established organizations in areas of banking, finance and investment, accounting and auditing, insurance, logistics management, information technology, public authorities, and healthcare.

  • Around 65 mentors and students attended the RMBI Mentoring Dinner held on 11 October 2018

  • Prof. Raymond WONG (middle), Program Director of RMBI, played games and lucky draw with mentors and students

  • Congratulations to all lucky winners

  • Mentors and students took many great pictures together

  • Mentors and students took many great pictures together

  • Thank you for support and participation in RMBI Mentorship Program