What's Happening in IPO

24 Sep 2019

IPO Student Ambassador Appreciation Gathering 2019


IPO Student Ambassador (SA) Program aims to train up a pool of student ambassadors to best represent IPO and promote our undergraduate programs. Student Ambassadors liaise with their alma maters to schedule sharing sessions and represent IPO in outreach events for secondary school students. The program serves as an effective channel to allow prospective students to know more about the unique features of IPO programs and exciting university life. It is also a good chance to polish current students’ presentation and communication skills. 

In 2018/19, our Student Ambassadors shared their IPO experiences at their alma maters, helped in outreach events including fairs and HKUST campus tours, and produced two promotional videos (links can be found below). To celebrate the effort made, IPO SA Appreciation Gathering was held on 18 September, 2019. There are total of 35 recognized student ambassadors in 2018/19. Prof. King L. CHOW, Director of IPO gave an appreciation speech and presented certificates to them. Students then joined a nice dinner and shared the SA experience of the past year.

List of  recognized IPO Student Ambassadors 2018/19: (by alphabetical order)

Akshat Bansal (T&M-DDP Year 2)
Alex Chan (T&M-DDP Year 3)
Angel Or (EVMT Year 3)
Anne Park (RMBI Year 2)
April Li (T&M-DDP Year 3)
Audrey Wirawan (EVMT Year 3)
Boris Yu (T&M-DDP Year 2)
Calvin Tung (T&M-DDP Year 3)
Chan Choi (EVMT Year 2)
Christy Leung (EVMT Year 3)
Cidney Ho (T&M-DDP Year 3)
Ethan Pang (T&M-DDP Year 2)
Felix Cho (IIM Graduate)
Gavin Wu (T&M-DDP Year 3)
Gordon Mak (T&M-DDP Year 3)
Jamie Chong (RMBI Year 3)
Jennifer Zhao (EVMT Year 3)
Jessie Chow (RMBI Year 3)
Karina Chow (EVMT Year 3)
Ken Yeung (T&M-DDP Year 3)
Koko Shao (EVMT Year 3)
Lilian Ng (T&M-DDP Year 3)
Mark Ngai (T&M-DDP Year 2)
Matt Chan (IIM Year 4)
Maximilian Printz (T&M-DDP Year 2)
Mayank Agrawal (T&M-DDP Year 2)
Mickey Yau (T&M-DDP Year 3)
Owen Lee (T&M-DDP Year 2)
Rachel Yang (RMBI Year 3)
Rainbow Leung (EVMT Year 3)
Reitha Faren (EVMT Graduate)
Soomin Park (EVMT Year 3)
Vanessa Chan (RMBI Year 3)
Whitney Yu (EVMT Year 2)
William Dong (RMBI Year 3)

Production crew:

Anne Park (RMBI Year 2)
Calvin Tung (T&M-DDP Year 3)
Christy Leung (EVMT Year 3)
Gordon Mak (T&M-DDP Year 3)
Karina Chow (EVMT Year 3)
Lilian Ng (T&M-DDP Year 3)
Soomin Park (EVMT Year 3)

Go check out the two fun promotional videos created by IPO SAs!
「科大跨學科 ‧ 睇你知幾多」街頭實測 (https://youtu.be/ejurlNIcDUs )
How much do you know about HKUST? (https://youtu.be/O71iSP3P6WU )