What's Happening in IPO

1 Nov 2019

IPO Admission Webinar

Interdisciplinary Programs Office (IPO) is going to hold two Live Q&A Webinars on 2 Nov (Sat). We will have sharing from IPO current students and Q&A session.
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15:00-15:45 Catonese
16:00-16:45 English

Below you may find more information about our interdisciplinary undergraduate programs:

Dual Degree Program in Technology and Management (T&M-DDP)   JUPAS CODE:  JS5901

In today’s knowledge society, a thorough understanding of technology and management paves the way to success. The Dual Degree in Technology and Management Program, the first of its kind in Hong Kong, enables high-flying students to gain two internationally recognized degrees in five years: Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) or Bachelor of Science (BSc), and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). With double degrees in technology and management, our graduates have more career advancement opportunities.

Going beyond traditional boundaries to achieve innovation, Dual Degree students analyze issues from technological and business viewpoints and solve trendy problems faced by world-leading companies through corporate-sponsored projects and International Business Plan Competitions courses by traveling with instructor overseas.  Students also enjoy wide-ranging experiences of how the world works, develop awareness of different cultures and global perspectives, and foster a willingness to serve, gaining much more than two degrees.

Admission Talk on T&M-DDP:

T&M-DDP Admission Talk Info Slides: http://www.ipo.ust.hk/userfiles/files/DDP-2019-video-program-talk.pdf
T&M-DDP brochure: http://www.techmgmt.ust.hk/attachment/DDP-Leaflet.pdf

Annually, T&M-DDP students have the change to go for technology & management international business plan competition. It is co-organized with University of Illinois at Urban-Champaign (US), University of Bayreuth (Germany), University of Sao Paulo ( Brazil) and other universities. Participants work in multinational teams to develop creative applications and viable business plans for an emerging technology.

To learn more about T&M-DDP: 
Website: http://www.techmgmt.ust.hk/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/techmgmt/
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/ddp_hkust/
Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/school/ddphkust/

BSc in Environmental Management and Technology Program (EVMT)  JUPAS CODE:  JS5812

Sustainability and the protection of our environment are among the greatest global concerns of today and tomorrow, with an ever-more pressing need to find a balance between human development and environmental well-being. Climate change, pollution, energy consumption, and water resources are just some of the many issues that we must urgently address to ensure a habitable world for our own and future generations. The pace-setting BSc Environmental Management and Technology (EVMT) program educates a new generation of environmental professionals with cross-disciplinary knowledge to deliver ecologically and economically sound solutions and to take up the role of sustainability managers in corporations in Hong Kong and around the globe. EVMT is accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Admission Talk on EVMT:

EVMT Admission Talk Info Slides:http://www.ipo.ust.hk/userfiles/files/EVMT-Online-Program-Talk-2019.pdf
EVMT brochure: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1L1FkNFZ7CL9W_mQGn8iAlA5zyx8ZiP_t/view

To learn more about EVMT: 
Website: http://www.evmt.ust.hk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ENVR.HKUST/