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21 Jan 2020

From Biotechnology to Consulting


Justin Hu    T&M-DDP Graduate (Class of 2019)

Graduating from Dual Degree Program in Technology and Management with majors in Biotechnology and General Business Management last year, Justin HU has joined McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm, as Business Analyst.  Let’s see how Justin paved his career path from a scientist to a consultant.

Interested in biotechnology in the first place, Justin joined the Dual Degree Program in Technology and Management as the program provided a comprehensive and integrated curriculum covering both technical and management sides. 

Justin took up his first internship in a biotech company in the United States. This experience plus other related courses he took at the university, ascertained him that laboratory setting, though exciting, but was not what he wanted.  On the other hand, he also worked as interns in a few start-up companies which was impactful to him. It inspired him the importance of formulating effective business strategies and operations, and more decisive is a strong network of clients and business partners. This is not what he could learn if he only concentrated his grades at university. It came logically that management consultancy was where Justin would like to go after graduation.

Having an internship in management consultancy field is a key to land on a graduate job in the sector.  Justin understood that apart from good academic standing, all round development in the university, outstanding interview performance, personal network was equally important. Like other applicants, he hadn’t any contact point in the field to start with.  However, through recruitment event on campus, he managed to speak with HR and consultants from a renowned global management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, and gave them a good impression. From there on, he established personal contacts with them and learnt more about the industry, the company, culture and employer expectation.  

Later, Justin applied for the internship at McKinsey & Company.  His efforts paid off and earned him the post of Summer Business Analyst.  With outstanding performance during internship, he got a return offer and is now working as Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company.

Justin encourages fellow students to always prepare themselves for any challenges, be proactive in differentiating themselves from others, and be outgoing to connect with industry practitioners to grasp every opportunity.