What's Happening in IPO

26 Nov 2014

Final Presentation of Corporate Project with HARMAN (TEMG4950M)

TEMG4950M "Product Innovation for Harman Home & Multimedia Systems" is a corporate –sponsored project by HARMAN International for students to get hands-on experience with the early stages of new product development lifecycle. Students are required to organise into small teams to execute the new product creation process by integrating knowledge and skills across marketing and technology fields.

On 26 November, students travelled to Harman Lifestyle Home and Multi-media Headquarters in Shenzhen to present and compete for the best product design before a panel of Harman executives. Students got valuable advice and feedback from industry professionals and greatly enhanced their communication and presentation skills in business manner. Harman’s executives were impressed by students’ brilliant ideas and performance, and they are now inviting students to attend the interviews for 2015 summer internship.