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4 Jun 2015

RMBI Student won the Champion of the Hong Kong Outstanding Business Students Award 2015

Charles Wong, Risk Management & Business Intelligence Program (RMBI) Year 2 student, won the Champion of the Hong Kong Outstanding Business Students Award 2015 on 24 May 2015 among 9 finalists each from the 9 local universities in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Outstanding Business Students Award 2015 required participants to pass through 5 rounds of selection.  The first two rounds of interviews were held to select the sole representative from each university.  9 finalists would then produce a 2-3 min video on promotion for an insurance company and attended the youth business elites forum to discuss global issues.  Top 3 finalists were shortlisted to do a final presentation on a case study.  The final round of competition crashed with Charles’s exam schedule and he actually did not have much confidence in winning, but his persistence rewarded him at the end. 

Charles is a tough person with determination. RMBI requires students with strong analytical mind and mathematics skills while mathematics is not Charles’s strength. With his strong belief in the importance of risk management which should not be only applied to business fields but all aspects in one’s life and career, he puts his every endeavour in coping with the mathematics requirements. At the same time, Charles also receives professional mediation training and studies behavioural economics to enrich his knowledge in human behaviours in business settings. Charles has a special hobby of joining various awards and competitions which give him wider exposure and provide him with many chances in enhancing presentation and communication skills.

You may question if Charles has any time for leisure.  “I think it’s fun to join these awards and competitions and I enjoy the process very much.” His leisure activities are exactly numerous contests.

In future, Charles will continue to pursue professional mediation training, and go on his journey of awards and competitions, to sharpen his skills to become an all-round young leader.  

  • Charles was presented with Champion at the ceremony of Hong Kong Outstanding Business Students Award 2015.

  • Charles’s mother and grandmother supported him at the final round of competition.