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1 Sep 2015

The latest issue of RMBI Newsletter is published

The 9th issue of RMBI Newsletter is published. Risk management in logistics industry is the main discussion topic in this issue.  It introduces the current situation of logistics industry in Hong Kong and analyses the challenges of risk management and business data handling in the field.  It also includes students’ suggestions to logistics industry on business development, data and risk management.

BASEL III is another hot issue in financial market. The newsletter introduces the history of BASEL III and its impacts on local banks.       

Please click here to read the 9th issue RMBI newsletter. 

RMBI newsletter is issued twice a year and a 100% student product issued by students of Risk Management and Business Intelligence Program (RMBI) under the guidance of faculty.  RMBI newsletter shares up-to-date and interesting risk management or business intelligence issues and findings, and at the same time, trains our students to have a global outlook and be life-long learners through editing process and interactions with risk management and business intelligence community. For more details, please click here.