What's Happening in IPO

15 Sep 2015

IPO Welcome Party 2015

IPO Welcome Party was held on 7 Sep to welcome all new undergraduate students to join IPO family. IPO new students, faculty and staff gathered at IPO Learning Commons A to chat and enjoy refreshments.

Prof. King L. CHOW, Director of IPO, welcomed and encouraged students to develop their own pathway to success with their unique potentials at IPO where we cultivated innovations without boundaries and beyond imaginations. Youngsters do not need to follow exactly what alumni did and whoever tells them what to do in their future. They should pursue in the fields they are passionate in.

Two student advisors at IPO, Titus and Tiffany took this opportunity to introduce their advising services to students. Titus is a registered social worker who is willing to know more about the difficulties students might encounter in studies and personal life and he will provide support and professional guidance with strict confidence. Tiffany is a career advisor with sound experience in human resources fields; she will take care of IPO students’ career development. IPO students can drop by IPO office or make appointment in advance by phone/email to seek advices from them.    

At this occasion, IPO also presented the Outstanding Community Service Award.  This award is to recognize IPO undergraduate students who have demonstrated outstanding service to the university community and/or the community beyond the campus. Application details can be found at IPO intranet. Awardees Sharon LAU and Rax LAU, both come from Environmental Management and Technology Program (EVMT), received awards from Prof. CHOW.   

At the start of this new school year, we wish all IPO new students will have a happy and fruitful study life at IPO.    

  • Prof. King L. CHOW (mid), Director of IPO, chats with students

  • Prof. Jimmy FUNG (mid), Head of Division of Environment (ENVR), chats with students

  • Prof. Lei CHEN (right), Program Director of Risk Management & Business Intelligence Program (RMBI), chats with student

  • (From right) Tiffany and Titus, Student Advisors of IPO, introduce their advising services

  • Sharon LAU (left) receives the IPO Outstanding Community Service Award from Prof. King L. CHOW, Director of IPO

  • Rax LAU (left) receives the IPO Outstanding Community Service Award from Prof. King L. CHOW, Director of IPO