What's Happening in IPO

23 Sep 2015

IPO students joined “International Youth Exchange Program” at Ireland and Poland

Two IPO students were nominated to join the “International Youth Exchange Program” in August 2015 which is jointly organised by the Home Affairs Bureau of the HKSAR Government and the Commission on Youth, to visit Ireland and Poland to broaden their horizons and international perspective and exchange views with foreign youngsters.

Mike CHEUNG, a Risk Management and Business Intelligence Program (RMBI) student, was nominated by HKUST and exchanged to Ireland.  Mike first received delegates from Ireland and showed them around Hong Kong including HKUST. They toured around the campus and met with Prof. King L CHOW, Director of IPO. Later, Mike visited Ireland to experience the local culture. He met with officials of Ireland, tried windsurfing, visited national park and museums. The most interesting part was the day they simulated a traditional Chinese wedding as a cultural performance at an elderly center. Both Mike and the local elderly had fun in the show.

During the trip, Mike met many passionate Irish people who love and feel proud of their country and also value environmental protection despite of the bad economy, which is a big contrast to Hong Kong people. Having met devoted Irish people from the NGOs there, Mike has a new insight to his future career.   He realizes that community services give him much satisfaction and business field does not have to be the best way out for university graduates.  He is now considering pursuing his career in community services.    

Rax LAU, an Environmental Management and Technology Program (EVMT) student, was also nominated by HKUST and exchanged to Poland.  It’s the first time Rax visited Europe as it was unaffordable without financial subsidies and so he valued every moment at this eye-opening trip.  In Poland, Rax attended lectures on the history, economy and political system of Poland at the university plus forums with local students. He visited museums of WWII and Chopin to further understand the past of Poland.  Polish people told Rax that they would work hard together to push Poland move forward and hope Poland would gain international status. Rax was touched by such unity and bonding with their home country which Hong Kong people do not process. Rax was also inspired by Polish living style of work-life balance.  Polish people spend at least one day out with family and friends per week to relax. As Rax recalled, Polish people “work for life” instead of “life for work”. 

After the trip, Rax understands much more about the history, economic and political status of the European world which was a vague concept to him in the past.  Personally, Rax will try striving a balance between study, work and personal life and spending quality time with family and friends.  He will also further improve his English which is a bridge to communicate with outside world.    

  • Mike (first left) guided the Irish delegates to visit IPO office and meet Prof. King L. CHOW, Director of IPO (first right)

  • Mike and the delegates at Ireland

  • Mike visited an elderly center at Ireland

  • Mike and the Hong Kong delegates simulated a traditional Chinese wedding as a cultural performance

  • Rax (second right) and Hong Kong delegates visited the apartment of the host students in Poland

  • Chinese dance performance

  • Boat trip at the Vistula River, the longest river in Poland

  • Rax and the delegates visited the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews