What's Happening in IPO

26 Nov 2015

RMBI Mentoring Dinner 2015

Risk Management and Business Intelligence Program (RMBI) Mentoring Dinner is held to kick start the Mentorship Program each year for mentor and students to meet for the very first time and begin the communication or even a life-long friendship.  

28 mentors and over 40 students attended the Mentoring Dinner held on 13 November 2015.  Prof. King L CHOW, Director of IPO, and Prof. Lei CHEN, Program Director of RMBI, welcomed all attendees and sent their gratitude to mentors who voluntarily contributed time and efforts in sharing their valuable experience and guiding students on the right track. 

During the dinner, they played games to facilitate the understanding of and interactions with each other. Mentors were tested about their knowledge of university life while students were challenged about issues in risk management and business intelligence.

RMBI Mentorship Program targets to help students to bridge their gap between the academic learning experience and business practice, as well as enrich the students' business understanding. Mentor is more than a career advisor who is a resourceful guide in student’s life because he/she has been there before you came.

  • Prof. Lei CHEN, Program Director of RMBI (left), Dr. Adela LAU, UG Coordinator of RMBI (right) and Prof. Shu Ming NG, Affiliated Faculty of RMBI (2nd right) took photo with mentors

  • Prof. King L CHOW, Director of IPO (4th left) took photo with mentors and students

  • Game time

  • Game time