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10 Mar 2016

RMBI Student was awarded the “Sai Kung District Outstanding Youth”

Simon Cheung, RMBI Student, was awarded the “Sai Kung District Outstanding Youth”, presented by Sai Kung Home Affairs Department and The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong Jockey Club Tseung Kwan O Children & Youth Integrated Services Centre.

The commendation aims to encourage young people to set targets for their personal development and to actively take part in community building and social services, thus setting an example for other young people.

Simon has been actively engaged in voluntary services since secondary school, but he admitted that, getting a well-paid job and making a fortune were once his goals and how he defined success few years ago. Having participated in various social services and worked as an intern in a NGO, he realized the beauty and power of serving the needy and determined to bring a positive impact to the world.  The recognition of this award has further reinforced his belief in contributing to the society.

Simon observes that there are a significant portion of Hong Kong students who are too focused on their studies to pursue good grades which somehow disconnected them from the society.  He wants to encourage youngsters in Hong Kong, starting from his peers, to reconnect with the society by volunteering for social services with their knowledge and skills. “Doing something good for the world will bring you long lasting happiness which good grades cannot offer you.”  Simon concluded. 

Simon will continue his active participation in voluntary services as well as equipping himself well through study to better prepare for a socially responsible role after graduation.

  • Simon (3rd right) was awarded the “Sai Kung District Outstanding Youth”

  • Simon (middle) raised funds for the Jiangxi Service Learning Trip

  • Simon taught children at the Jiangxi Service Learning Trip

  • Simon worked as an intern in a NGO

  • Simon (left) joined various voluntary services

  • Simon (2nd right) joined various voluntary services