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The IPO’s interdisciplinary programs bring together two or more different fields of study and create pioneering combinations of knowledge in the high-impact areas of the future, offering a great opportunity for students with more than one interest to integrate their abilities.

Programs are referenced to local’s needs and global trends to ensure relevance, with strong input from business and industry to keep training and skills in line with market demand. Non-traditional teaching and learning are major features of IPO programs, with communication skills, problem solving skills and critical thinking developed along with academic knowledge.

One of the special benefits of the IPO’s approach to interdisciplinary studies is the unique combination of subjects the programs bring together, enabling students to develop highly original approaches to solution-building and a strong competitive edge.  


Dual Degree Program in Technology and Management (T&M-DDP)

The first of its kind in Hong Kong, the elite Dual Degree in Technology and Management Program offers high-flying students an inspiring opportunity to gain two internationally recognized degrees in five years: a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) or a Bachelor of Science (BSc), and a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

Going beyond traditional boundaries and answering the need for innovative vision in the workplace, Dual Degree students are trained to analyze issues from both technological and business viewpoints, and equipped with wide-ranging experience of how the world works.

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BSc in Risk Management and Business Intelligence Program (RMBI)

In today’s global economy, risk management and business intelligence form a vital part of a company’s strategic planning and decision-making. Financial crises, health scares, and other major challenges all indicate the essential need for firms to be able to assess and minimize risk effectively. It is also necessary to analyze and manage the ever-growing volume of business data. HKUST’s BSc in Risk Management and Business Intelligence (RMBI) is the first in Hong Kong to integrate these two fields and to answer both market needs in one degree program.

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BSc in Environmental Management and Technology Program (EVMT)

With sustainable development now a global concern, there is growing corporate demand for a new type of professional with the relevant knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to find win-win solutions for both business and the environment. Overcoming the challenges to enable companies to grow profitably as well as to protect the natural environment is essential. Our pace-setting, interdisciplinary BSc in Environmental Management and Technology (EVMT) offers a unique opportunity to move ahead in this area.

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BSc in Individualized Interdisciplinary Major Program (IIM)

Today, there is a critical need for flexible, incisive next-generation front-runners, who can tackle the increasingly complex issues of our times through the integration of knowledge and original approaches to solution-building and problem-solving.

HKUST’s new Individualized Interdisciplinary Major (IIM), currently the only program of its kind in Greater China region, offers a non-traditional, cross-School academic pathway for exceptional students with the vision, talents and character to create an interdisciplinary major tailor-made to their intellectual interests. The program initiated will enable the pursuit of a novel interdisciplinary research field or a career in an area of emerging significance.

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